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Important 2018 Dates and Fees
Written by Scott Currie   
Wednesday, 27 September 2017 14:01

The Club have agreed with the Machrie the following dates for the major competitions next year

 Islay Open – 28th and 29th April

Club Championship – 23rd & 24th June

Kildalton Cross – Sat 4th August (Western ferries) to 10th August.

We can also announce the fees for 2018, which for the first time will inlcude insurance when playing at the Machrie.

We are delighted that the Machrie have decided to try to attract and keep young local players by reducing the fees for everyone aged between 18 and 30, as per the table below. 

IF YOU ARE A LOCAL MEMBER AGED BETWEEN 21 and 29 (age as at 1st April 2018) PLEASE LET ME KNOW so that the apropriate renewal notice can be generated.

 All Juniors under 18 (local or country)                     £10

Local Adult (30-65)                                              £330

Local 18 – 21st Birthday   (10% of adult)                 £33

Local 21-25th Birthday (30% of adult)                     £99

Local 25-30th Birthday (50% of adult)                      £165

Local over 65 (50% of adult)                                  £165

Country Adult (85% of local)                                  £280

Country 18 – 21st Birthday (50% of adult)                £140

Country over 65                                                    £140      

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