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Monday, 26 January 2015 00:00

FEES April 2015 – March 2016


                             LOCAL                                             £


Adult                                                 325

Young 16 – 21 years                           147

Senior                                                147

Junior Under 16                                  10

Staff                                                  15





Adult                                                 245

Young 16 – 21 years                           110

Senior                                                110

Junior Under 16                                  10


 RETAINED                                      15



NB. All fees include SGU dues and LGU dues.


 Country members, those whose main home is not on Islay or Jura, pay 75% of local fees, Young and Senior members pay 45% of Adult fee. Juniors 16-17 pay 15% of Adult fee.

New Members
1) Anyone joining between March 1st and August 31st pays the full annual fee category.
2) Anyone joining between Sept 1st and Dec 31st pays 60% of the annual fee.
3) Anyone joining between Jan 1st and February 28/29th pays 30% of the annual fee.
4) All new members pay the first fee up front (no monthly payments)
5) Anyone paying the reduced fee for late entry is expected to rejoin the club the following year and will NOT be permitted to join again at a reduced fee in subsequent years.

Renewing Members
6) Renewal notices will be sent out to all current members each February, giving a mid March date for the return of any Standing Orders; any received after that date (but before March 31st) will only be accepted if the bank accepts them, otherwise full payment will be required.
7) March 31st will be the official payment date for renewal of subscriptions.
8) Any member who has not paid, or set up a standing order, by April 30th will be removed from the list of current members sent to the Machrie Hotel and from the competitions computer. They will be re-instated upon payment of the subscription.
9) Any member whose standing order ceases for more than one month will be removed from the current membership. Unless the outstanding amounts are paid, they will be treated as “new members” should they rejoin in subsequent years (i.e. the first year’s payment must be up front).
10) As per (5) above, late paying members cannot “rejoin” using the reduced fee

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