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Article on the new Machrie
Written by Scott Currie   
Monday, 24 July 2017 15:45

 For those of you unable to come over for Cross Week and see for yourselves, photographer and golf writer David J Whyte has put up an article and some great photographs at


He does not seem to able to count distilleries though.  Scott



Start Sheet Captains Prize Monday 31st July
Written by David Livingstone   
Sunday, 23 July 2017 17:03

Competition Start Sheet - Captains Prize

Monday 31 July 2017 at Islay.




Start Time Tee

1 07:40 1 David Livingstone (8c) Brian O'Neill (12c)  Alistair Livingstone (13c)

2 07:47 1 Iain D Farrell (9c) Alexander H MacLean (13c) Samuel Graham (17c)

3 07:54 1 Lachlan Gairns (13c) Keith MacDonald (6c) Charles Holyoake (5c)

4 08:01 1 Frankie Daly (5) Ross Brownlee (12c) Ian Croall (11c)

5 08:08 1 Angus MacAllister (16c) Robert J Hogben (19c) Donald Heads (16c)

6 08:15 1 Iain MacCuaig (8c) Nigel Carmichael (5c) Alex N Gillespie (12c)

7 08:22 1 John Ferguson (13c) Jay Doherty (19c)

8 08:29 1 Lorne Kennedy (11c) Derek Carr (8c) Ross MacLean (9c)

9 08:36 1 William J Binnie (6c) Gordon D F MacMillan (4c) Fraser Cannon (9c)

10 08:43 1 Russell Macdonald (14c) Fraser M B Irvine (11c) Iain W Gray (16c)

11 08:50 1 Gregor G Govan (13c) Kevin Johnston (9c) Scott A Reid (13c)

12 08:57 1 Ian R MacDonald (10c) Alexander Reid (10c) Donald Logan (11c)

13 09:04 1 David N Johnston (7c) Angus Hyslop (5c) Jim Rozga (7c)

14 09:11 1 Gordon Sim (9c) David Soutter (10c) Gordon Hyslop. (11c)

15 09:18 1 Andrew E Soutter (7c) Alasdair MacFarlane (6c) Robert Shaw (9c)

16 09:25 1 Ross Johnston (6c) Stephen Walsh (4c) Donny F Holyoake (9c)

17 09:32 1 Dougie W Adams (6c) Harry D H Adair (8c) Nicol Meldrum (5c)

18 09:39 1 Jack W Reid (14c) Paul Graham (15c) Richard R Kidd (13c)

19 09:46 1 Norman MacDonald (1c) Ben Davies (4c) Sam Johnston (3c)

20 09:53 1 John D Reid (16c) Iain Shaw (16c) Colin Campbell (16c)

21 10:00 1 Colin M Stroud (9c) Alasdair G M Woodman (9c) George Campbell (7c)

22 10:07 1 ............................ ............................ ............................

23 10:14 1 ............................ ............................ ............................

24 10:21 1 ............................ ............................ ............................

25 10:28 1

26 10:35 1Dennis A Melrose (17c) Nigel M Robertson (14c) Derek S Gray (6c) 

27 10:42 1 Graeme D Hamilton (6c) Dean A Muir (1c) Kenneth Swan (9c)

28 10:49 1 David AW Rose (15c) Ian Patrick (17c) Donald Gillies (13c)

29 10:56 1 Malcolm C MacLean (18c) Scott McDermott (15c) Norman MacKinnon (15c)

30 11:03 1 Robbie Doyle (7c) David Middleton (9c) Callum N J Morton (13)

31 11:10 1 Andy J Watt (6c) Donald C Blair (17c) Simon Corlett (15c)

32 11:17 1 Lance O Taylor (16c) Kenneth L Ellis (16c) Brian T McAuley (16c

45 12:48 1 Eric Sammels (19c) Scott Currie (12c) John Gordon (5)


















Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 16:52
Written by Scott Currie   
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:11
In the light of preliminary discussions with the new hotel management, Islay Golf Club has now closed its Country Membership list to new applications (those few currently in train will be accepted). This DOES NOT AFFECT existing Country Members. Those who are currently "retained" will be given a once only opportunity to upgrade next season, or they can do so now.

Any new applications will be placed on a waiting list. There will be a cap on the number of Country Members to be agreed with the Hotel, at which point the waiting list will be contacted with up to date information on the likelhood of gaining membership.

Local memberships are still available - for the time being, "local" means if your main place of residence is on Islay or Jura or if you have frequent access to your holiday home here. Other requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
Cross Week Timetable
Written by Scott Currie   
Thursday, 13 July 2017 15:58

The timetable for Kildalton Cross week is below - enter by 21st July at tinyurl.com/igccross

Note that we have a new sponsor for the Vistors v Locals match on Sunday 30th - Bunnahabhain have been very generous

- lots of prizes, minature for every player - so we want a good turnout - just turn up for 9.00am start.


Kildalton Cross Week 2017

Saturday 29 July – Western Ferries 4 Ball Better Ball – 10:00 Shotgun Start
                          Entries on sheet in cottage 2.
                          Club AGM – 3.30 pm in marquee.

Sunday 30 July – Ian Muir Memorial Trophy – Visitors v Locals – 09:00 (Sponsored by Bunnahabhain )

Monday 31 July – Cross Qualifying Round 1 – Captains Prize

Tuesday 1 August – Cross Qualifying Round 2 – Peking Cup Duncan MacCalman Trophy for best qualifier
                            16:00 approx. – Kildalton Cross Draws

Wed, 2 August – Cross Rounds 1 and 2 / Plate Round 1 / Senior Cross Round 1 / Ladies Cross / Junior Cross 20:00
                         Charity Quiz Night – No. 1 Charlotte Street, Port Ellen 8.00pm

Thursday 3 August – Cross ¼ Final and Semi Final / Plate Round 2 and ¼ Final / Senior Cross Semi Final / Ladies Cross / Junior Cross / SW Thomson Cross

Friday 4 August – Cross Final (36 Holes) /Plate Semi Final and Final / Senior Cross Final / Junior Cross Final / Ladies Cross Final
                         Captains Tee off – 12:30
                         Prize Giving – 1630 approx.
                         Cross Dinner – 19:00 – Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen

Saturday 5 August- Soutter Trophy Mixed Scramble – 13:00

The Kildalton Cross is sponsored by Islay Flooring

Meeting with D J Russell
Written by Scott Currie   
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:08

The Islay Golf Club Committee met with D.J. Russell and Dean Muir on Saturday 13th May to start the process of agreeing how the Club and the Hotel
will work together to ensure the successful continuation of the Club and the success of the exceptional hotel and golf course facilities now nearly complete.

The meeting was very friendly and constructive and the Club have been tasked with coming up with proposals on how we can best contribute to the Hotel project.
There are a large number of issues to think about and these will be debated at the next Committee Meeting on May 25th.

Members will be given a progress report at the AGM on July 29th.

Can all members please take note that D.J. Russell is now the formal point of contact with the hotel and, to ensure that the Club speaks with one voice,
please direct any suggestions and comments to our Captain, Jay Docherty.


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